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Our team is here to provide advice and technical support for EPFL labs for all image-analysis related questions. We also aim to provide cutting-edge tools and foster a critical thinking approach to all researchers using imaging.

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Delivered Projects.

A snapshot of the projects our team has provided image-analysis help for!

Our Contribution

We developed the LISP design a complete ML-based algorithmic pipeline to efficiently segment different muscle tissues in 40k full-body MRI scans.

Supported Labs

End Date: November 2022
Our Contribution

We helped the LMS to measure shale parameters during swelling tests on reconstructed x-ray scans.

Supported Labs

End Date: June 2022
Our Contribution

We helped the LQNO to identify axons in SEM images, extract their traces and characterize their orientations.

Supported Labs

End Date: April 2022
Our Contribution

We helped the LMS to measure volume change and identify cracks in X-ray tomograms of shrinking wet clay.

Supported Labs

End Date: August 2022
Our Contribution

We provided a algorithm that colors the parts of the wall where a selected stone can fit based on an existing optimization code.

Supported Labs

End Date: March 2022
Our Contribution

We developed an algorithm to automatically identify xylem embolisms in large x-ray tomography scans.

Supported Labs

End Date: April 2022

Image Analysis Breakfasts!

These bi-monthly meetings offer participants a unique opportunity to confront image analysis problems encountered in the course of their research with a panel of EPFL experts, who can advise and guide them.

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Our image-analysis experts

A big shootout to all our enthusiastic imaging experts! This team of volunteer EPFL researchers come from diverse imaging backgrounds and have various image-processing/analysis expertise. We aim to cover most imaging modalities (from nano to macro) and software tools.

Daniel Sage

Olivia Mariani

Olivier Burri

Romain Guiet

Nicolas Chiaruttini

Arne Seitz

Arianne Bercowsky (SV)

Pol Del Aguila Pla (STI)

Sepand Kashani (IC)

Matthieu Simeoni (IC)

Jean-Philippe Thiran (STI)

Martin Weigert (SV)

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