Latsis Symposium 2022

Advances in imaging pathological protein assemblies: from molecules to disease.

More than a century since pathological protein aggregates were first identified in the brain of patients with neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) and we still do not have effective therapies to treat or slow the progression of NDDs or diagnostics for early detection and monitoring disease progression. Recent findings are challenging traditional views about the composition, ultrastructural properties, and heterogeneity of protein pathologies in the brain, their mechanisms of formation and their and how we investigate and model pathological aggregation processes associated with NDDs in the laboratory today. The primary objective of this symposium is to gather leading scientists from different disciplines to discuss and debate the latest findings, share the latest advances from their group, and brainstorm collectively about how to leverage and integrate the latest conceptual and technical advances in imaging and image analyses to address current knowledge and technological gaps and advance translational research in NDDs.

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