Imaging Lunches

Once per month, the EPFL Center for Imaging organizes an event dedicated to all EPFL PhD students and postdocs working with/in imaging. Discuss the latest advances in imaging. Connect with imaging peers. Learn about popular imaging tools!

Fall 2023 Imaging Lunches:

Understanding Image Acquisition

Our team of experts from the Image Analysis Hub will illustrate the basics of scientific image acquisition, working live around a real scientific camera.

Dr. Edward Andò and Dr. Florian Aymanns will teach attendees a simple but robust model of how an entire camera system works, which can be used to interpret most imaging systems. They will define resolution and pixel size, discuss the hardware of the pixelated light sensor, gain, colour imaging, saturation, the sources of poisson and gaussian noise in the system, readout times, optics and sources of blur.

The objective is to give attendees insights and resources on how to think critically about most types of image acquisition systems and make basic hardware selection choices.

10:00 – 13:00     Espace Copernic CE 1711.2

Introduction Workshop on ImageJ/Fiji

Our in-house expert Dr. Daniel Sage will  go over the basics of ImageJ/Fiji, show us how to get to grips with the tool, present some useful plugins, give a short introduction on how to write macros, and present an example of how to build a typical image-analysis pipeline with the program.

Introduction to Napari

Our team of experts from the Image Analysis Hub will give a practical introduction to Napari for scientific image analysis. The workshop will review essential concepts of the Napari viewer (user interface, layers, n-D visualization, interactivity) and explain how to find and install plugins to extend the software’s functionality. Moreover, participants will learn how to combine Napari with Python development to produce reproducible and interactive visualizations in their own projects.

Doing Large-scale Image Processing

More info coming soon

Using Deep Learning Models in Imaging

More info coming soon

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