3D imaging of historical buildings

When it comes to generating 3D digital geometric models of historical buildings, the automation of methods is still limited. Existing research focused on sacral structures, on 3D model generation of the exterior envelope of buildings and on segmentation of interior spaces. The goal of this project is (i) to develop a data acquisition and post-processing pipeline for deriving the exterior and interior geometry of historical buildings in terms of 3D point clouds derived from spherical RGB images, (ii) to augment this data with information extracted from historical architectural drawings, and (iii) to approximate the 3D point clouds by geometrical primitives describing the architectural and structural elements in historical buildings. Because interior spaces are often very privacy-sensitive spaces, privacy-issues will be considered from the start, limiting the stored data to data containing architectural and structural elements. The derived models can be used for a wide range of research applications, such as 4D modelling showing the evolution of a historical building over time and structural modelling of historical buildings, which requires as input a geometric model of the building.

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