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MRI fMRI virtual reality multisensory processing body perception

label-free imaging nonlinear light scattering water characterization 2-photon imaging

Laboratory of Innate Immunity

Prof. Andrea Ablasser

cryo-EM immune response DNA sensing confocal imaging

ML tools 3D brain imaging systems biology yeast segmentation

Computer Vision Lab

Prof. Pascal Fua

ML tools ML theory image analysis detection in cryo-EM human tracking features extraction

Brisken Lab

Prof. Cathrin Brisken

fluorescence microscopy breast cancer digital pathology

Swiss Plasma Center

Prof. Ambrogio Fasoli

plasma physics tomographic inversion thermonuclear fusion

developmental biology smart microscopy open hardware light-sheet microscopy oscillatory dynamics

ML tools intelligent transport depth estimation autonomous navigation motion forecasting

Realistic Graphics Lab

Prof. Wenzel Jakob


Max Planck-EPFL Nanolab

Prof. Magalí Lingenfelder

Signal Processing Laboratory 2

Prof. Pierre Vandergheynst

Adaptive Systems Laboratory

Prof. Ali Sayed

ML tools ML theory distributed processing decentralized learning functional connectivity hyperspectral images

Digital Humanities Chair

Prof. Frederic Kaplan

ML tools digital humanities semantic segmentation historical images content mining document segmentation

Plant Ecology Research Laboratory

Prof. Charlotte Grossiord

plant ecology 3D X-Ray tomography micro-CT scans segmentation of plant roots

3D X-Ray tomography micro-CT scans solid mechanics flexible structures

super-resolution microscopy open hardware nanoscale biology high-speed imaging nanoprobes MEMS AFM STM

Engineering Mechanics of Soft lnterfaces

Prof. John Martin Kolinski

high-speed imaging particle tracking soft matter interface fluid mechanics interferometry virtual frame technique FTIR

De Palma Lab

Prof. Michele de Palma

tumor environment micro-CT images tumor segmentation

Persat Lab

Prof. Alexandre Persat

confocal imaging mechanomicrobiology interferometric scattering

ML theory mathematical imaging spatial point patterns earth observation

segmentation nanomaterials tracking of bubbles TEM

Lemaître Lab

Prof. Bruno Lemaître

label-free imaging protein aggregation neurodegenerative diseases cryo-EM CLEM

3D X-Ray tomography seismic behaviour structure dynamics crack detection stereo vision DIC

Laboratory for Topology and Neuroscience

Prof. Kathryn Hess Bellwald

applied algebraic topology neuronal morphologies

ML tools ML theory image analysis animal tracking object recognition pose estimation system neuroscience smart microscopy adaptative behaviour

Neural Microcircuitry Laboratory

Prof. Henry Markram

neuroimaging single cell reconstruction voltage-sensitive dyes imaging

ML tools semantic segmentation remote sensing pattern extraction image interpretability wildlife conservation urban studies


TCV – Tokamac Physics

Prof. Christian Theiler

plasma physics tomographic inversion thermonuclear fusion

MRI in-vivo neurochemistry multinuclear spin physics metabolic imaging MR spectroscopy

Laboratory of Optics

Prof. Demetri Psaltis

label-free imaging ML tools holography optical diffraction tomography cochlear imaging multimode optical fibers

TEM cryo-Lorentz microscopy femtosecond laser pulses ultrafast imaging

Medical Image Processing Lab

Prof. Dimitri Van de Ville

fMRI ML tools image processing mathematical imaging

Unsteady Flow Diagnostics Laboratory

Prof. Karen Mulleners

vortex dynamics particle tracking unsteady flows time-resolved PIV

Suter Lab

Prof. David Suter

fluorescence microscopy cellular biology gene regulation cell identity

neurodegenerative diseases smart microscopy motor neuroscience automated lightsheet microscopy functional imaging infrared imaging CLEM

optical biosensors biomarkers cancer diagnostics low-cost sensing devices single-wavelength imaging nanophotonics

Computational X-ray Imaging Laboratory

Prof. Manuel Guizar Sicairos

coherent lensless imaging phase retrieval ptychography tomography X-ray imaging

Hummel Lab

Prof. Friedhelm Hummel

fMRI EEG cognitive rehabilitation DTI transcranial magnetic stimulation

Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials

Prof. Anna Fontcuberta

semiconductor materials nanowires cathodoluminescence imaging SEM TEM

Laboratory of Sensory Processing

Prof. Carl Petersen

2-photon microscopy neural activity imaging synaptic activity calcium imaging

Geodetic Engineering Laboratory

Prof. Bertrand Merminod

image reconstruction remote sensing depth estimation UAV drone mapping position determination

ML tools remote sensing precipitation dynamics 3D snowflake structure

Biomedical Imaging Group

Prof. Michael Unser

MRI ML tools ML theory super-resolution microscopy image processing cryo-EM optical imaging image reconstruction mathematical imaging

magnonics nanomagnetism cryo-Lorentz microscopy

Weigert Group

Prof. Martin Weigert

ML tools image analysis digital pathology nuclei segmentation

Laboratory of Psychophysics

Prof. Michael Herzog

electrical neuroimaging MEG EEG visual information processing

neural implants retinal prosthesis artificial vision

ML tools ML theory information theory

Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory

Prof. Jean-Francois Molinari

numerical modelling friction and fracture ultrahigh-speed photography optical profilometer SEM DIC

neurodegenerative diseases sample preparation cryo-EM data collection

Gönczy Lab

Prof. Pierre Gönczy

developmental biology expansion microscopy fluoresence microscopy

Laboratory of Digital Epidemiology

Prof. Marcel Salathé

ML tools network epidemiology food recognition contact tracing

Signal Processing Laboratory 4

Prof. Pascal Frossard

ML tools ML theory image analysis digital pathology robustness of neural networks graph signal processing

smart microscopy molecule tracking proteins dynamics PAINT imaging super-resolution microscopy SMLM

Signal Processing Laboratory 5

Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran

ML tools ML theory image analysis image reconstruction ultrasound imaging diffusion MRI

ML tools photonics devices optical phase imaging retinal imaging multimode optical fiber imaging digital optics

Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology

Prof. Melanie Blokesch

fluorescence microscopy bacterial regulatory networks phase contrast imaging

Composite Construction Laboratory

Prof. Anastasios Vassilopoulos

advanced composite materials fractography analysis DIC

Advanced Quantum Architecture Lab

Prof. Edoardo Charbon

high-speed optical sensing processing architectures cryogenic electronics LiDAR SPAD

ML tools remote sensing LiDAR spatial analysis geovisualization pattern analysis

Gaznat Chair on GeoEnergy

Prof. Brice Lecampion

acoustic imaging geomaterials fracture propagation inverse problems

cryo-EM time-resolved EM ultrafast TEM revitrification electron pulses

Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology

Prof. Aleksandra Radenovic

label-free imaging smart microscopy super-resolution microscopy mesoscopic imaging optical projection tomography quantitative phase imaging nanofluidics AFM EM SMLM

Laboratory for Experimental Museology

Prof. Sarah Kenderdine

virtual reality digital humanities interactive scientific visualization media naviguation

Neuroengineering Laboratory

Prof. Pavan Ramdya

image analysis drosophilia locomotion 2-photon microscopy neural activity imaging computational models limb tracking ML tools

energy management thermal infrared imaging temperature extraction

Computational Neuroscience and AI

Prof. Alexander Mathis

ML tools ML theory image analysis animal tracking object recognition pose estimation

fluorescence microscopy bacterial mechanics

Laboratory of Soil Mechanics

Prof. Lyesse Laloui

3D X-Ray tomography micro-CT scans crack detection soil mechanics

image processing mathematical imaging source localization interferometric imaging acoustic imaging

genome organization systems biology spinning disk confocal microscopy

Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Prof. Christian Enz

CMOS image sensors integrated circuits

Laboratory for Biomolecular Modeling

Prof. Matteo Dal Peraro

cryo-EM integrative structural biology molecular modelling

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