Courses Minor in Imaging


Mandatory Project
MICRO-489Semester Project realted to imaging field *8AS
Instrumentation and Optics
MICRO-421Imaging optics Psaltis3S
MICRO-429Metrology practicalsCharbon/Fantner/Bruschini2S
MICRO-523Optical detectorsBesse3A
MSE-450Electron microscopy: advanced methodsHébert/Duncan3S
BIO-443Fundamentals of biophotonicsRadenovic3S
Image Processing and Analysis
EE-451Image analysis and pattern recognitionThiran4S
MICRO-511Image processing IUnser/Van de Ville3A
MICRO-512Image processing II Unser/Van de Ville/Liebling/Sage3S
MICRO-573Deep learning for optical imagingPsaltis 3S
EE-490(f)Lab in signal and image processingThiran4S
CS-413Computational photographySüsstrunk 6S
CS-442Computer visionFua6S
CS-503Visual intelligence : machines and mindsZamir6S
COM-514Mathematical foundations of signal processingFageot/Simeoni6A
Application-Specific Courses
BIO-410Bioimage informaticsSeitz/Sage4S
MICRO-561Biomicroscopy IAltug 3A
MICRO-562Biomicroscopy IIAltug/Seitz4S
PHYS-438Fundamentals of biomedical imagingGruetter4S
NEURO-421Neural signal and signal processingMicera/Van De Ville6A
ENV-540Image processing for Earth observationTuia4A
CIVIL-510Quantitative imaging for civil engineeringAndò3A
ENV-405Sensing and spatial modeling for earth observationSkaloud, Berne, Tuia5S



* mandatory 

A : autumn semester, S: spring semester

Classes that have been taken during bachelor or master cannot be taken again. 

Please check the requisites. 

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