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February 2023

Precious Network

Primary hippocampal neurons growing on a single-crystal diamond chip. The surface is nanostructured with pillars having a diameter of 200nm and a height of 1 µm. The image is acquired after cells fixation and Au/Pd sputtering. SEM microscope (field emission scanning electron microscope, Zeiss Merlin, Gemini II column). 

Elena Losero, Scientist, Laboratory of Quantum and Nano-Optics

January 2023

Side view of the wirebonding of the LinoSPAD chip, a reconfigurable camera sensor with a single-photon avalanche diode pixel array.

Edoardo Charbon, Professor, Advanced Quantum Architecture Laboratory

December 2022

This image is a 3D rendering for a 3D phantom (an artificial structure designed to emulate properties of the human body) that was fabricated by one of our lab members at the Optics Laboratory and imaged using my experimental setup. The field of view is approximately 60 um (0,06 mm) and the lateral resolution is in the range of hundreds of nanometers. 

Ahmed Ayoub, PhD Student, Optics Laboratory

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