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SchoolLaboratory Head of LabS*H*
STIBiomedical Imaging GroupUnserx
STISignal Processsing Laboratory 4Frossardx
STIMultimedia Signal Processing GroupEbrahimix
STIAdvanced Quantum Architecture LabCharbonx
STILaboratory of OpticsPsaltisxx
STILaboratory for Bio- and Nano-InstrumentationFantnerx
STILaboratory of Nanoscale BiologyRadenovicxx
STISignal Processing Laboratory 5Thiranx
STIMedical Image Processing LabVan De Villex
STILaboratory for Nanomaterials Characterisation with ElectronsTilelixx
STILaboratory of Applied Photonics DevicesMoserxx
STIEngineering Mechanics of Soft lnterfacesKolinskixx
STISignal Processing Laboratory 2Vandergheynstx
ICComputer Vision LabFuax
ICImage and Visual Representation LaboratorySusstrunkx
ICAudioVisual Communications LaboratoryVetterlixx
ICRealistic Graphics LabJakobx
CDHDigital Humanities LaboratoryKaplan
SVNeuroengineering LaboratoryRamdyaxx
SVLaboratory for Biomolecular ModelingDal Peraroxx
SVComputational Neuroscience and AIMathisx
SBElectron Spectrometry and Microscopy LaboratoryHébertx
SBLaboratory for Ultrafast Microscopy and Electron ScatteringCarbonex
SBLaboratory of Biological Electron MicroscopyStahlbergxx
SBLaboratory of AstrophysicsKneibx
ENACEnvironmental Computational Science and Earth Observation LaboratoryTuiax
ENACEnvironmental Remote Sensing LaboratoryBernex
ENACVisual lntelligence for TransportationAlahix
ENACGeodetic Engineering LaboratoryMerminodx

*Software-based projects (image processing and analysis)

*Hardware-based projects (instrumentation and optics)

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