Summer School

EPFL Summer School in Image Analysis


Get a hands-on training in image analysis

June 24-28, 2024, in Montreux (CH)
Open to PhD students from all EPFL doctoral programs (2ECTS)

Are you a PhD student at EPFL who regularly faces questions regarding the analysis of your images and who wants to learn more about practical concepts and tools to help you in this endeavor?

Then our summer school in image analysis is for you!

Throughout the week, a series of lectures will provide you with the essential concepts in image analysis – from the nature of digital images through the physics of image acquisition to the basics of deep learning, and more. In addition to these lectures, you will learn to use some popular image-analysis software during practical sessions.


Course Content

The summer school is structured around 7 sessions, each covering a specific imaging topic. There will be one to two sessions per day, each consisting of lectures and interactive practical works on the current theme.

Fundamentals of Scientific Images

Key concepts in digital imaging (pixel level, contrast, histogram, file format, etc.), multidimensional data (visualization).

Image Acquisition

Optics of image formation (light sources, PSF/MTF, etc.), noise, SNR, resolution, 3D scenes, stereo imaging.

Operations on Digital Images

Digital filters, morphological operators, segmentation.

Motion Tracking

Optical flow and registration, measuring a displacement field (local, global, discrete), representing and quantifying deformations, tracking of particles (detection and linking).

Machine Learning for Image Analysis

Key terminology, data preparation, existing ML software for image analysis.

Deep Learning for Image Analysis

Building and training of models, running of pre-trained models, fine-tuning of pre-trained models.

Good Practice for Open Imaging

Ethics of image publication, the do’s and don’t of figure preparation, storage, formats, licenses, open access, confidentiality.


A word from the PhDs

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“I was almost totally alien to Imaging and this served as an amazing kick start. It was great to know the amount of freely available resources and get to know a team of experts! And the place: felt a bit like an adventure to be exploring the world of imaging in a castle with plenty of room for imagination! It was simply great. ”

Eduardo Gutierrez-Prieto

Summer School 2022

I loved everything about this summer school! I start with the venue, food, view, and our charming hiking to Rochers de Naye! But more, I really enjoyed the time in the lectures and workshops. Teaching was excellent and the content was amazingly widespread and in the meantime deep. The summer school brought a lot of new and essential knowledge to me and put some great ideas in my mind about what I can do for my Ph.D. project. I am sure no one wants to miss this experience!

Zahra Ayar Dulabi

Summer School 2022

Wow, just wow. Don't even know where to start! Really enjoyed my time at the school, and learned so much in such a small amount of time. The lessons in image analysis learnt at Caux will definitely be useful for the rest of my career!

Jose Vasquez Porto

Summer School 2022



Venue and dates

The summer school will take place in Palace de Caux, Montreux (CH) from June 24-28, 2024.
The pre-summer school is scheduled for June 18, 2024 from 2pm to 6pm.


The summer school is open to EPFL PhD students only. Students from all EPFL doctoral programs can apply.

Evaluation and Credits

2 ECTS credit will be delivered to the participants upon the successful completion of a written exam at the end of the summer school.

Previous Experience

Previous experience with image analysis is not required for applying to and attending the summer school.

Selection of Participants

Applications will be reviewed – and candidates informed of the success of their application – by March 31, 2024.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of 450 CHF (to be paid by one’s lab) will be required upon confirmation of one’s successful application. The accommodation for the whole week (shared hotel room - 2 people- for 4 nights and all meals) is completely included in the registration fee.  The only additional expense on the participants' side (to be paid by the labs) are the train tickets to/from Montreux.

Come with your own data!

Participants are asked to bring a juicy image-analysis problem from their own PhD work. Throughout the week, our team of imaging experts will help you progress with the analysis of your data.


Participation in this summer school is only possible for the entire week (Mon-Fri) and participants are expected to take part in all activities (lectures, practical works, discussions, etc.), attend the pre-summer school afternoon.

Number of Participants

Space is limited. To ensure a proper level of interaction and exchange, the number of participants is restricted to 25 PhD students.

For life scientists

You're a biologist? ZIDAS 2024 is also an option!

The Swiss Image and Data Analysis School for Life Scientists 
In Zürich, June 23-28, 2024
Next application period opening in February 2024

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