Seminar – Friday 28 September 2018

Please note the seminar has moved to SwissTech Convention Center – Salle Garden 1ABC

Nano-Micro Imaging

Commonalities/complementarities of electron and fluorescence (super-resolution) microscopies

Venue: STCC – Salle Garden 1ABC

Chair: Prof. Michaël Unser, Biomedical Imaging Laboratory – EPFL


16:00 – Introduction
Professor Jacques Dubochet, Nobel Laureate and Honorary Professor – University of Lausanne

16:15 – Structural analysis of Parkinson’s disease by cryo-transmission electron microscopy
Professor Henning Stahlberg, Biozentrum, University Basel

17:00 – Unraveling the ultrastructure of macromolecules using ultrastructural expansion microscopy
Professor Paul Guichard, University Geneva

17:45 – Apéritif