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New: The EPFL Minor in Imaging

Open to all EPFL Master students!

The EPFL Minor in Imaging covers theoretical and practical aspects in imaging from acquisition (instrumentation, optics) to computation (image processing, data science), covering applications across scales.

These interdisciplinary competencies are increasingly valuable in both industry and academia due to the widespread use of imaging and its reliance on a large palette of technologies. The course offers a broad training allowing students to adapt to the diversity of (imaging) challenges they may face in the future.

Starting from Fall 2023.

Student Projects.

The EPFL Center for Imaging (co-)supervises many interdisciplinary student projects in imaging; check them out!

NB: Many EPFL labs also propose student projects in imaging; the full list is available below in section “See More Projects”.


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BSc SemesterMSc Semester


BSc SemesterMSc Semester


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BSc SemesterMSc SemesterMSc Thesis

See More Projects!

Check out the full list of EPFL labs proposing exciting student projects in imaging for the next semester.

EPFL Summer School in Image Analysis 2023

A hands-on introduction to the key concepts in image analysis for your everyday research! Open to PhD students from all EPFL doctoral programs (2ECTS).

Applications closed

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