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Our Hubs

The EPFL Hub for Image Analysis

All EPFL scientists (PhDs, Postdocs, Research Staff, Professors) can contact the Hub at any time to discuss imaging-related questions and get help from our imaging experts for their project.


all EPFL researchers analyze their imaging data quickly and reliably


software tools that benefit the imaging community at large


EPFL scientists with the latest imaging technology


the accessibility to imaging algorithms produced by EPFL labs


common solutions for image handling and storage at EPFL

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Our contributions in image analysis at EPFL

A snapshot of the projects our team has provided image-analysis help for!

April 1, 2023

Measure Large-Strain Field

We helped the SMAL get started using spam to measure strain fields in 2D on a traction experiment they performed
Git link
April 1, 2023

Tracking Melt Zones During Laser Melting

We created a napari tool for the LMTM to annotate very quickly meltpools on ultrafast x-ray radiographies
Git link
April 1, 2023

Analysis of Drosophila Trachea

LeMaitre Lab
We developed a napari tool to to extract quantitiative features in batches from microscopy images of drosophila tracheas
Git link
Photo of an experiment
Our Hubs

The EPFL Hub for Image Reconstruction

The Hub for Image Reconstruction provides a much-needed support in computational imaging at EPFL. With software now being an integral part of most imaging devices, advanced expertise and tools are required to obtain high-quality images from the indirect measurements collected by our scientists’ instruments. 

Beyond providing EPFL researchers with these precious competences, our team is also in charge of developing Pyxu, a modular Python software package for image reconstruction.

Access to Instruments

EPFL's Imaging Facilities

The imaging facilities play an essential role in supporting EPFL scientists with state-of-the art expertise and cutting-edge technologies in imaging.


IT Support and Expertise

From High-Performance Computing (HPC) to reproducible data analysis tools: learn more about the computing resources available at EPFL for image processing and analysis.


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